New training materials available

27 November 2016

New modules

Two new training modules were launched in 2016 with the assistance of EDF R&D training organization:

Thanks to training materials available in English, learning code_aster development has never been easier.
Similarly, best practices for optimizing the performance of studies carried out with code_aster will now be more widely shared.

These new modules bring the number of training courses offered for learning code_aster and Salome-Meca to a total of seven.

Revamping the existing corpus

Existing modules also benefited from a complete revamping during 2016, many of the training materials being updated or even revised.
For example, Module 2 (Advanced training) offers new presentations on advanced nonlinear computation or limit analysis. In the same way, the presentations of the civil engineering training gained presentations on the modelling of drying, hydration, shrinkage and concrete damage.

Find all the novelties in training section.