The first code_aster users day in the UK

28 April 2016

There has been a good progress in the dissemination of code_aster in the UK in the recent years with increase of number of users and institutions. The first code_aster UK user day to be organized on June 23rd 2016, in Manchester, UK, will help making this dissemination more visible and contribute to develop it further. Also, it’s the first step in setting up a UK users’ community.

This event is expected to bring a better visibility of the code_aster activities in the UK, to provide opportunity for participants to discuss about their needs where they will meet code_aster developers and the other users and to serve as a forum for potential collaborations

The agenda for the event is given in the document below :

Agenda for code_aster UK users day (June 23rd 2016)

You are welcome to join this free event by registering at philippe.martinuzzi at edfenergy.com