Improved user experience for the calculation of modes in a structure

11 March 2016

by N. Brie, EDF R&D / AMA

A new operator, CALC_MODES, was introduced in Code_Aster to improve the user experience of computing modes (vibration or buckling) in a structure. This operator is now the main point of entry for calculating modes, superseding the previous operators MODE_ITER_SIMULT, MODE_ITER_INV and MACRO_MODE_MECA.

With the new operator, the user no longer needs to select himself the resolution algorithm: this is done automatically based on the search criteria for the specified modes (e.g. research in a frequency band or search around given values, etc). The user retains the ability to access all algorithms and adjust settings for advanced use.

Available starting from version 12.2.1

Figure 1 : Torsional mode shape of a turbine generator set and its table, calculated with CALC_MODES.