A film to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Code_Aster

5 September 2014

by J. Delmas et T. De Soza, EDF R&D / AMA

The development of Code_Aster began on January 2nd 1989 and reached a new milestone in 2014. Already five years have passed since the "twenty years anniversary" user meeting during which a film tracing the history of the development from the perspective of the actors had been produced. The first calculation is almost a distant memory and it is thus nearly 25 years of contribution to the numerical simulation in mechanics at EDF that Code_Aster celebrated this year.

It was on the occasion of the 22nd user meeting of Salome-Meca and Code_Aster that a short film, which recalls some highlights of the birth and life of the code, was produced and distributed.

It is now available online, click here to view and download it.