Salome-Meca 2013.2 with LGPL licence is available for downloading

20 July 2013

The new Salome-Meca 2013.2 64bits version with LGPL licence is available for downloading.

This 2013.2 version integrates the following products:

  • SALOME 6.6.0 ;
  • Code_Aster stable (version STA 11.4).


  • Uncompress the file and launch the install :
tar xvf SALOME-MECA-2013.2-LGPL.tgz &&./SALOME-MECA-2013.2-LGPL.run

This installer installs Salome-Meca in the directory of your choice (note the directory path must not have accents) and automatically creates a virtual application from which you can start Salome-Meca.

  • Launch Salome-Meca 2013.2:
cd appli_V6_6_0

What’s new ?

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