Multi-level parallelism (continued) : modal calibrations of INFO_MODE

3 April 2013

by O. Boiteau, EDF R&D / SINETICS

In a vibrational study, the operator INFO_MODE gives the number of modes present in a given interval. This a priori calibration of the modal problem is very useful to define intervals of reasonable size in order to optimize the cost and accuracy of subsequent calculations.

But this pre-processing remained expensive compared to the modal calculation, particularly for big size problems (in number of DOF and/or modes). Especially since the modal resolution has recently received significant acceleration via the introduction of multilevel parallel computations.

Based on the same type of parallelism, INFO_MODE becomes very effective: saving time by a factor of 70 on a hundred processors.

1 proc 32 procs 128 procs
Elapsed time 3h40min 1h48min 5min17 3min
RAM memory peak 9.1Go 5.5Go 5.5Go 4.9Go