Monte-meuble, l’ultime déménagement

26 October 2012

by Jean-Pierre Aubry, La Machine, La Boîte à Calcul

As part of the cultural event Le voyage à Nantes, this work of Argentine artist Leandro Erlich has been installed in Nantes during the summer 2012. A fragment of a building facade is supported by a furniture-lift.

The total height is 14m. The whole structure is dimensioned with Code_Aster for the various load cases specified by the Eurocode in linear and nonlinear statics.

photo © Marc Domage

In modal analysis, the first two eigen frequencies, about 1.3 Hz, are low enough to fear a divergent behavior in vortex shedding or unstability at quite low wind speed. One therefore prepared dynamic dampers that increase the damping from 0.6% to about 2% (percent of critical damping).
Design and adjustment of the damping was done in parallel with measures in collaboration with CSTB.

The first 3 frequencies are measured about 10% from the Code_Aster calculation.

First eigen frequency at 1,3 Hz - Salome-Meca / Paravis animation