A new command for the post-treatment of fracture mechanics

4 October 2012

by S. Géniaut, EDF R&D / AMA

The news command POST_RUPTURE will enrich the possibilities of post-treatment in fracture mechanics. This new command is used in the following of calculation of energy release rate and stress intensity factors (CALC_G or POST_K1_K2_K3).

POST_RUPTURE allows many generic treatments :

  • normalization of the curvilinear abscissa,
  • calculation of the angle of bifurcation,
  • calculation of the equivalent stress intensity factor,
  • set to zero the negative values ​​of K1 stress intensity factors

POST_RUPTURE provides also useful operations for fatigue calculations, in addition to existing fatigue calculation commands :

  • cycle counting in fatigue,
  • cumulation of fatigue cycles,
  • calculation of the crack propagation increment due to fatigue,
  • continuation method for propagation.

Available in the version 11.0.2 and later