The Code_Aster Professional Network : 1 year of operation

7 July 2012

by J.-R. Lévesque, Code_Aster Pronet and C. Durand, EDF R&D

Exactly one year ago, the Code_Aster Professional Network was launched.

The aim of this network is to provide business users of open-source versions of Salome-Meca and Code_Aster a framework for sharing and collaboration more structured than the general forum. More particularly :

  • Exchanging between developers, users and service providers;
  • Comparing the different usages​​ of the codes;
  • Evaluating the software development and deployment;
  • Enhancing and encouraging the cooperative development;
  • Grouping and structuring the requests to the service providers.

One year after its inception, the network has about forty members, who meet twice a year and who exchange via a dedicated forum. Some achievements have already been performed by this network : thematic working groups, opportunity for participation in collaborative projects, participation to the NAFEMS France 2012 conference …

For more details and to join the network, see here.

Services providers

Users in industry

Teachers and academics