A skill-module for creating pipe junctions : an example of a Salome plug-in

4 April 2012

by C. Durand and I. Fournier, EDF R&D / AMA

The release of Salome version 5 has provided a new mecanism for python plug-in in order to facilitate the creation and the capitalization of skill-modules, without recompiling the whole platform.

Here is an excerpt from the #7 Salome newsletter :

These "plug-in" are Python programs that have a GUI in PyQt and plug directly in the platform or in a GEOM standard modules (geometry), SMESH (mesh), VIEW (post -treatment) or YACS (supervision and coupling). Thus, without having to create SALOME module, anyone can add customized features frequently used that can not be integrated natively in the platform because not generic.

To illustrate the capabilities of this mechanism and encourage its use, we have made ​​available in Salome-Meca2012.1 a plug-in for the modelling and the parametric meshing of bolted joints of pipes.

From the keyboarding in a dedicated GUI of some geometrical parameters, predefined scripts calculate the geometry, mesh and publish them in the Salome study. The mesh contains the definition of topological zones useful for the calculation: boundary conditions and assignment of loads.

Available in the 2012.1 version and future releases