A constitutive law of concrete-reinforced for performing simulations

11 February 2011

by S. Fayolle and N. Greffet, EDF R&D / AMA

The constitutive law GLRC_DM simulates globalized reinforced concrete. Its performances permit to increase the size of the models used for the study of buildings submitted to seismic loads. Thanks to this new model, we can compute more realistic industrial structures. This constitutive law devoted to concrete modelizes the loss of stiffness in walls and floors generated by tension and bending damage.

The efficiency of the law lies in globalized formulation : concrete and steel reinforcements are homogeneized in a single continuous media. Moreover, the kinematic of plate is directly implemented in the law. So we deal directly with generalized strains and generalized stresses. An other advantage lies in its non-softening property which prevents the damage localization problem. More details on this law can be found in the reference documention R7.01.32.

LThe pre-processing command DEFI_GLRC assists the user in automatically determining the homogeized parameters of the law. It takes as input the geometrical properties of the plate (thickness, location of reinforcements …) and the material properties of concrete and steel. The command produces a « material » concept, similar to the one you would have obtained with DEFI_MATERIAU.