Salome-Meca 2010.2 under LGPL licence is available for downloading !

13 September 2010

The new version of the platform under licence LGPL is available for downloading

It contains SALOME 5.1.4 and STA 10.2 versions of Code_Aster.

This version integrates the following products:

  • STA 10.2 versions of Code_Aster;
  • 5.1.4 version of SALOME;
  • 1.8.1 version of the study manager ASTK;
  • 2.0 version of the command file editor EFICAS.


  • Choose the version adapted to your station:
Version universelle 32 bits
Version universelle 64 bits
  • Uncompress the file in the directory where you want to install Salome_Meca :

For 32 bits version :
tar xzf SALOME-MECA-2010.2-LGPL-i386.tgz

For 64 bits version :
tar xzf SALOME-MECA-2010.2-LGPL-i386.tgz

  • Launch install:
cd SALOME-MECA-2010.2/postinstall
python postinstall.py
  • Launch Salome-Meca 2010.2:
cd SALOME-MECA-2010.2

What’s new ?

  • Correction of deficiencies in the input sketcher;
  • Correction of abnormal processing of meshes containing 0D elements;
  • Correction of the hdf backup of size card for BLSURF;
  • Correction of a faulty filters group creation of meshes in the case of a large mesh;
  • Possibility during the creation of geometric group to hide entities to select other internal;
  • Possibility of not to pre-determine the names of groups during operations on geometric objects;
  • New feature of homothetic transformation of a mesh;
  • Introduction of a size card for netgen;
  • New advanced sketcher for a Tee pipe.
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