Diffusion of Salome-Meca under LGPL licence

8 July 2010

EDF R&D has been developing the Salome-Meca platform for several years. This platform is an association of:

  • Salome;
  • Code_Aster, accessible by a dedicated modulus: the Aster modulus.

This platform allows the mechanical user to:

  • obtain his complete simulation environment in a single installation;
  • manage his complete tree of study: geometry, grid, files of setting in data, files MED results;
  • have access to a simplified ergonomic setting in data via the Aster module, and to assistants for simple use cases: linear static resolution, modal analysis ;
  • be able to select the topological entities of the mechanical setting in data (zones of affection of materials, loadings, etc.) by interactive keyboarding in the GEOM and SMESH windows.

If EDF has diffused Code_Aster for 10 years as a free software (licence GNU-GPL), it was not yet the case for Salome-Meca. Since April 28th 2010 Salome-Meca2010.1 has been diffused under LGPL licence. This last version is based on:

  • Salomé 5.1.3
  • Code_Aster 10.1

You can download this platform here