Code_Aster training course in Manila, Philippines

9 June 2010

A 10-day Code-Aster training course was held during May in the office
of Professor Torsten Calvi Corporation (PTCC), in Manila, Philippines.

The workshop was organized by the Ingenieurbüro für Mechanik, a
provider of Code-Aster services based in Wassertrüdingen, Germany,
with Dr. Johannes Ackva as lecturer (www.code-aster.de).

After an introduction to the basics of Salome, linear analysis and contact, attention focussed on specific techniques relevant in PTCC’s day-to-day studies of lightweight tensioned cable trusses, and of structural components made of glass.

PTCC is an engineering firm specializing in the design and
documentation of architectural facade systems — particularly glazed
aluminium curtain walls for high-rise tower buildings
(www.torstencalvi.com). Ten structural
engineers attended the course.