Free Code_Aster version 10.1 (sources) available for download

23 December 2009

The free development version of Code_Aster - version 10.1 - is available for download. This version was stabilized in December 2009.

The distribution format remains identical: a unique archive contains Code_Aster and all other additional tools in the form of source code.

Apart from Code_Aster you will find the latest available updates: astk 1.8.0 (Aster’s launching graphical user interface), Eficas 1.17 (graphical editor for command files), Homard 9.5 (a mesh refining and unrefining tool), the med 2.3.6 library (exchange of meshes and fields with third codes), metis-edf-4.1 (renumbering tool), mumps 4.8.4 (direct solver), etc.


  • A recent version of Python (2.4 or 2.5)
  • A Fortran compiler
  • A C/C++ compiler

Please read the README file before the installation, then

python setup.py install --prefix=/opt/aster.

We advise you to use Intel compilers if the latter are available for Code_Aster, Mumps, and Metis. Use GNU compilers for other embedded devices.