The products available on this page are distributed by EDF-R&D or are made available with the agreement of their author.

All these products are included in the aster-full package. We highly recommend you to follow the installation procedure provided in the aster-full package.


More information here.


MUMPS is a library which provides a powerful sparse direct parallel solver. It is available in Code_Aster’s linear solvers both for sequential and parallel use.

MUMPS website : http://mumps.enseeiht.fr/

See also this page for a modified branch, for use in Code_Aster.


METIS was developed by George Karypis, University of Minnesota. It is a group of tools (including one for mesh partitioning). Aster is used in the renumbering algorithm only.

Version used: 5.1.0

METIS website: http://www-users.cs.umn.edu/ karypis/metis/index.html.

See also this page for a modified branch, for use in Code_Aster.


SCOTCH is a library which is used in Code_Aster for domain partitioning as well as matrix reordering.

SCOTCH website : https://www.labri.fr/perso/pelegrin/scotch/

MED and HDF5 libraries

MED is the Data Echange Module used by Code_Aster and based on the HDF library.

  • MED/HDF can read and save data in a format which is portable between machines of different architectures.
  • They are required during Code_Aster compiling.

MED is distributed under LGPL license. The sources are available here.

Version used: 4.1.0


The Homard software adapts 2D/3D meshes for finite elements thanks to refinement and unrefinement.

Version used: 11.12

See HOMARD website.


MISS3D is not included in the aster-full package.

Soil-Structure Interactions (ISS) and Sol-Fluid-Structure (ISFS) involved in buildings dynamics or in arch dams, can be resolved with frequency coupling in Code_Aster.

MISS3D (called via the Code_Aster command CALC_MISS) is a code with integral equations (Green functions) and sub-structuring from ECP / LMSSMat .

MISS website: http://www.mssmat.ecp.fr/mssmat/moyens/moyens_techniques_logiciels/miss