This page provides information about the necessary software for the operation/compilation of Code_Aster.

Since code_aster 14.4, Python 3 is required (3.5 or +).

Code_Aster’s packages - called aster-full - include only the tools called by Code_Aster.

However, several elementary tools are required and must be installed on the computer using the package manager of your distribution.

They are:

  • gcc, g++, gfortran (or other compilers),
  • cmake,
  • python3,
  • python3-dev,
  • python3-numpy,
  • tk,
  • bison,
  • flex,
  • liblapack-dev, libblas-dev or libopenblas-dev,
  • libboost-python-dev (+ libboost-numpy-dev on ubuntu, boost-devel on centos) (for MFront),
  • zlib (named zlib1g-dev on debian/ubuntu).

The real names of the package may vary according to the distributions

Link: aster-full packages.



It is a language used by the interpreter of Code_Aster’s command files. This language is also recommended for new tools developped around Code_Aster.

  • The header files of Python are compulsory to compile Code_Aster (packages python-dev or python-devel).
  • Python 2.7 is not supported anymore since code_aster 14.4.

Version used: 3.6

Python website: http://www.python.org.


numpy is a Python module to manipulate efficiently arrays of data (package python-numpy).

Version used: 1.15

numpy website: http://numpy.scipy.org.


They are libraries of numerical calculations (efficient manipulation of vectors, matrices). It is possible to use libraries optimized on the machine (ATLAS, gotoBLAS) or proprietary libraries (Intel MKL, ACML).
Even if they may not give the same performances, the packages shipped within the distributions are convenient (packages liblapack-dev, libblas-dev).


Tcl is a scripting language used by astk.

Tk provides a group of tools which can create graphical user interfaces.

Version used: 8.5.14

Tcl/Tk website: http://dev.scriptics.com/software/tcltk.


It is a library that provided some functions to compress datas. It is required by HDF5.
Its name may change according to the distributions: zlib1g-dev, zlib-devel…


They are lexical analyser and generators. They are required when compiling SCOTCH (packages bison and flex).