Launch of SICODYN international benchmark

16 February 2009

SICODYN international benchmark 2009-2011: numerical and experimental analysis correlation in structural dynamics

To improve the predictibility of numerical simulations, measure the a posteriori variability in experimental and numerical results on a real industrial structure.

Two successive phases:

1. Assessing the robustness of a blind calculation (design purpose);

2. Using experimental measurements to improve the modelisation (expertise purpose);

Blind and updating simulations will be carried out by participants.

Experimental results will be delivered by EDF.

The experimental-numerical comparison and the statistical result analysis will be performed by EDF.

What structure ?

The structure that will be used as a demonstrator is a one stage horizontal pump issued from EDF thermal plants.

Pompe horizontale mono-cellulaire
One stage horizontal pump

What types of dynamic characterisation ?

At least:

  • Modal analysis of the non-rotating pump in free-free boundary conditions;
  • Modal analysis of the non-rotating pump in laboratory or industrial conditions.

The schedule of the benchmark


FEBRUARY: official launch.

January to February: main component CAD model elaboration by EDF.

APRIL 30th: deadline for registration.

February to June: experimental measurements by EDF.

March to September: phase 1

  • model elaboration and blind simulations by participants.

SEPTEMBER 30th: deadline for delivery of blind simulated results.

October to December: phase 2

  • model updating using partial experimental results.

DECEMBER 31st: deadline for delivery of updated simulated results.


  • Synthesis of results, statistical analysis, determination of variabilities;
  • Publication.

Additional informations, registration, participation conditions on http://research.edf.com/the-edf-offers/research-and-development/research-projects/information-technologies/sicomore-sicodyn-601482.html