Code-Aster Introduction Seminar in Germany (18.-22. Oct. 2021)

23 August 2021

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A comprehensive 5-days introduction seminar to Code-Aster and SalomeMeca
is organized by Ingenieurbüro für Mechanik in Germany.

The course is intended for engineers concerned with mechanical simulations
and having no or small to medium experiences with Code-Aster.

The content in short:

• Preprocessing with SalomeMeca, Modules Geometry and Mesh
• SalomeMeca, Module AsterStudy
• Postprocessing with SalomeMeca, Module ParaVis, and other tools
• Code-Aster Introduction
• Code-Aster Contact Analysis Basics
• Code-Aster Nonlinear Materials

Find the full seminar description and registration form on this link: