Beta-Testing salome_meca 2020 singularity containers

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Salome_meca and code_aster, although open source software, are developed in order to tackle EDF’s challenges concerning the simulation in structural mechanics. As a consequence, the simulation platform is delivered "as is" and many users of the open_source community are facing issues installing the software.

For most users, these issues are caused by the use of different libraries and most often by different operating systems. salome_meca is developed for Debian-like OS and using another OS is known to cause issues.

In order to tackle this problem, the developers have started to consider using containers. Because of its HPC compatibility, Singularity was preferred over Docker. Yet, it is complicated to massively test containers in an industrial context this technology. As a consequence, the developers are looking for people within the open_source community who would be volunteer beta-testers.

We are currently packaging the salome_meca container and it should be available soon. If you are interested in beta-testing, please fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch when it’s ready!

Please remember that this is beta-testing. Our goal is to verify whether containers should be made available for every version or not. There will be bugs and you are more than welcome to help us fixing them, but we cannot promise that everything will work perfectly! Consequently, your feedback is very important to us in order to make a better product and thus we expect you to take up some of your time and share with us your experience with the container.

Also, we expect you to be using a Linux machine and have the root-access to install singularity. Another possibility is to use WSL2 within Windows10 with admin rights.

OS tested (Required)