code_aster open-source oldstable (13.8) and stable (14.4) versions available for download

2 October 2019

The new versions of code_aster open-source, code_aster oldstable (13.8) and code_aster stable (14.4), are available for download.

The version 13.8 contains only bugfixes since 13.4. Improvements have also been added in the version 14.4. code_aster 14.4 becomes the new stable version

The distribution format remains identical: a unique archive contains code_aster and all other additional tools in the form of source code.

Apart from code_aster you will find the latest available updates: astk 2019.0 (Aster’s GUI for calculation management), Homard 11.12 (a mesh refining tool), the med 4.0.0 library (exchange of meshes and fields with third-party codes), metis 5.1.0 (reordering tool), mumps 5.1.2 (linear solver), etc.

In addition, as for the previous version, these versions incorporate an interface to MFront, a constitutive law generator developed by CEA and EDF. The packaged version is MFront 3.2.1.

The prerequisites needed for compilation are detailed on this page (Python3 is required).

Please read the README file included in the package before the installation, then

python3 setup.py install --prefix=/opt/aster