salome_meca 2020 under LGPL license is available for download

25 September 2019

The new salome_meca 2020 under LGPL license is available for download.

This 2020 version integrates the following products:

  • SALOME 9.4.0 ;
  • code_aster stable (version 14.6) ;
  • code_aster testing (version 15.2) ;
  • AsterStudy ;
  • MEDConverter ;
  • EUROPLEXUS module ;
  • Salome-Meca plugins : CABRI ;
  • code_aster translator ;
  • astk.

This version is compatible with Debian9-like OS and takes for granted that you have several prerequisites already installed. If you are using Ubuntu 18.04 LS, we propose a beta-state automatic installation procedure, for both pysicial systems or virtual machines.


  • Uncompress the file and launch the install:
tar xvf salome_meca-2020.0.1-1-universal.tgz && ./salome_meca-2020.0.1-1-universal.run

This installer installs salome_meca in the directory of your choice (note that the directory path must not contain accents) and automatically creates a shortcut on your desktop from which you can start salome_meca.

  • Launch salome_meca 2020:
cd appli_V2020_universal_universal

New features

A noteworthy novelty of this version is MEDConverter, a new tool for mesh conversion into the MED format from Systus or Abaqus formats.

This version integrates AsterStudy 2020.0.1. This new version of the module is a major evolution, the main new features are:

  • a redesign of run features and corresponding "history view" panel of Asterstudy for better ergonomics when launching Code_Aster computations ;
  • the export of a study with the aim of performing parameter calibration (beta version).

Supported Linux distributions

This version has been tested with the following 64bits Linux distributions:

  • Debian 9.

The older versions may be supported by updating GLIBC_2.23, but it has not be tested by the dev team.