Program of Salome-Meca Users’ Day 2018

23 February 2018
The program of Salome-Meca Users’ Day 2018, which will take place on Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 on the EDF Lab Paris-Saclay site, is now available.

If you have not already done so, there is still time to register through this link.

An enticing program

This day will be marked by eight technical presentations which will strongly illustrate the interest and the power of code_aster and Salome-Meca to answer various industrial stakes, whether they are supported by EDF or not.
On the other hand, this day will be an opportunity to share the latest news around the revolution started in 2017 with the arrival of AsterStudy.
The planned presentation on the future version of code_aster, which will be massively parallel and fully interoperable with Python, will also mark a highlight of the day.
In order to give a tribune to the code_aster and Salome-Meca users’ community, pitch sessions will be organized again throughout the day, as well as posters sessions during the breaks.

Finally, other surprises await you during this day.

Detailed program

08h30 - 09h00 Welcome – Breakfast
09h00 - 09h10 Opening of the event I. Nistor (EDF / R&D / ERMES)
09h15 - 09h45 Latest news around Salome-Meca and code_aster T. De Soza, N. Sellenet, G. Drouet (EDF / R&D / ERMES)
09h45 - 10h10 Fissuration des culasses des moteurs diesel de secours du parc 900 MWe R. Degeilh (EDF / R&D / ERMES)
10h10 - 10h20 Pitch session M. Betti, V. Cerisano Kovacevic, G. Bartoli, R. Corazzi (Kobe Innovation Engineering and DICEA/UNIFI) : "Two test case studies in engineered masonry"
N. Merlette (CEVAA) ; B. Jouan (Gantner Instruments) : "Salome-Meca : vers une plateforme de corrélation calculs/essais temps réel"
Pause café
10h55 - 11h20 Modélisation non-linéaire d’un barrage soumis à des mouvements géologiques importants R. Tajetti (EDF / DPIH / CIH) ; P. Morénon (Université de Toulouse / LMDC)
11h20 - 11h45 Comportement sismique d’un pont roulant F. Grange (EDF / R&D / ERMES)
11h45 - 12h10 Validation and verification of automated non-linear modelling for the seismic response of cross laminated timber structures I. Christovasilis, L. Riparbelli (Aether Engineering)
12h10 - 12h20 Pitch session M. Siavelis (Simulease) : "code_aster et Salome-Meca sur plateforme Windows"
F. Renou (EDF / DPNT / Ingeum) : "InnerPython : l’open source à l’échelle d’EDF, comment rendre disponible dans une page web des outils métiers existants"
14h00 - 14h25 Towards a massively parallel version of code_aster N. Sellenet, N. Tardieu (EDF / R&D / ERMES)
14h25 - 14h50 Optimisation par simulation numérique des épaisseurs minimales admissibles d’un réservoir vertical à fonds bombés N. Bonfils (EDF / DPNT / UTO) ; F. Meissonnier (EDF / DPNT / DIPDE) ; G. Colin (Sixense NECS) ; G. Drouet (EDF / R&D / ERMES)
14h50 - 15h15 Modélisation des aléas et incertitudes associés au comportement Thermo-Hydro-Mécanique des enceintes de confinement S. Michel-Ponnelle (EDF / R&D / ERMES) ; D. Bouhjiti, F. Dufour (Chaire Pereniti - 3SR) ; B. Masson (EDF / DIPNN / DT) ; J. Baroth, M. Briffaut (UGA - 3SR)
15h15 - 15h25 Pitch session J. Berthellemy (CEREMA) : "Evaluation of fillet welds attachments used for arch steel bridges"
Pause café
16h00 - 16h25 Deux exemples de justification mécanique de composants sous pression en présence d’un défaut P. Le Delliou (EDF / R&D / MMC)
16h25 - 16h50 Study of the effect of cracked graphite bricks on the local deformation of AGR reactors’ core P. Martinuzzi (EDF Energy R&D UK Centre)
16h50 - 17h00 Closing of the event T. De Soza (EDF / R&D / ERMES)

Presentations will be for the most part in French but a simultaneous translation in English will be provided.