A small step for Salome-Meca, a giant leap for AsterStudy

3 November 2017

AsterStudy: great feedback

Many of you have provided feedbacks on the use of Salome-Meca 2017, published September 1, 2017. Thank you!

This new version inaugurated the AsterStudy interface, which brings a whole new user experience for the data settings and launching of code_aster calculations.

The first feedbacks showed that AsterStudy suffered from some blocking bugs that could affect the daily usage.

A new maintenance version …

After two months, a new version is therefore released that corrects a dozen anomalies including the following problems:

  • freezing of the application when using Python variables or macro-commands;
  • Crash when reopening a study that used the "Open in ParaViS" feature;
  • loss of data in case of error while saving the study.

… with some improvements

On the other hand, we took advantage of this new version to push some evolutions that could not integrate the release candidate:

  • performance improvement of loading times for command files in graphical mode;
  • support of complex numbers and of any operation performed with the "math" module of Python in graphical mode;
  • search improvement in graphical mode (full text search).

This version 2017.0.2 is therefore a small step for Salome-Meca but a giant leap for AsterStudy!

Help us improve Salome-Meca and AsterStudy

Feel free to send us your feedback on the forum or directly on the dedicated bugtracker.

We also invite you to consult the AsterStudy user manual where you will find: