Aether Engineering makes code_aster timber friendly

31 October 2017

by I. P. Christovasilis and L. Riparbelli ; Aether Engineering

Aether Engineering, a company, member of code_aster ProNet, operating on the fields of structural consultancy and design of timber buildings, has developed over the last two years Aetherium, an application that permits to manage complex timber building structures using code_aster from model creation to code verifications with an automatized, script-powered workflow.

During the last ProNet meeting, the members of Aether Engineering presented some of the latest features developed in Aetherium leveraging the power of code_aster and Salome-Meca:

  1. Visual Projection of Verification Index: visualization on the mesh of the numerical model of verification indices for each structural component based on code-compliant failure-mechanisms and load combinations;
  2. Time-History Fire Analysis and Verification: a method that permits to elaborate a time-history analysis and verification of a timber structure subjected to fire;
  3. Performance Gain Factor: an implementation that permits to understand the gain/loss of performance in a structure, induced by a structural modification;
  4. Linear Time-History Dynamic Analysis: the introduction in Aetherium’s workflow of time-history seismic analysis.
1. Verification mechanisms 3. Performance gain factor
2. Fire analysis 4. Linear dynamic analysis

More information on Aether Engineering and Aetherium here.