Learn how to use AsterStudy with video tutorials!

7 September 2017

code_aster on YouTube!

After opening its Twitter account in December 2016, code_aster now has its own YouTube channel. Inaugurated on the occasion of the release of Salome-Meca 2017, this new vector of communication aims to broadcast video tutorials.

Learning with examples

With the arrival of AsterStudy, the new module for data settings and launching of code_aster calculations, videos of training exercises are indeed well suited to the learning of Salome-Meca. A first tutorial is already online, it is the exercise of the bent pipe (test-case FORMA02) that is done from scratch, entirely in the Salome-Meca environment.

AsterStudy tutorial: curved pipe

Feel free to contribute

If you want to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge around Salome-Meca and AsterStudy, do not hesitate to make your own videos and publish them. We also welcome your contributions to our YouTube channel.