AsterStudy: a revolution is under way in Salome-Meca

7 April 2017

AsterStudy: what is it?

AsterStudy is the future graphical user interface of code_aster in Salome-Meca which will be available in July, in the next version of Salome-Meca.
After more than two years in the making, it will enable the unification of the tools for data settings and the launching of mechanical studies within the SALOME platform starting July 2017.
The historical Aster module and the EFICAS interface for code_aster will be replaced by an integrated environment with a strong link to the mesh.

AsterStudy: now a reality

The first pre-release version of AsterStudy was completed in January 2017 and was presented to the different EDF units that use code_aster.
The numerous feedbacks collected during this occasion will allow to improve the software and will thus contribute to deliver in Salome-Meca an industrialized version.
The Salome-Meca and code_aster Users Day 2017 and the latest meeting of the code_aster ProNet were also the occasion to unveil this novelty outside, which was very well received.

For more information, see the presentation of the news and novelties around Salome-Meca and code_aster during the 2017 users day.

AsterStudy demo


In the short term, a new phase of development is under way, led by EDF with the support of Open Cascade, in order to take into account the feedback from the first presentations.
A closed and open beta test phase is also being studied to ensure a very high level of industrialization of the first version in Salome-Meca.

In the longer term, the development work continues as major versions of AsterStudy will be released in the 2018 and 2019 versions of Salome-Meca.