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issue with English messages in .mess file

Hi everyone,

I have a bit of problem with getting English messages after migrating from 14.6 to 16.3 and appreciate any help. The steps that I followed are:

1. During code aster installation I used "--enable-i18". With that option code_aster can successfully be built and installed. After the installation aster_messages.mo is found in the installation directory "/opt/aster/16.3.0/share/locale/aster/en-US/LC_MESSAGES/"
2. I Set the language on my system to English

export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8
export LANG=en_US.UTF-8
export LANGUAGE=en_US.UTF-8

3. When I run a case with as_run that has DEBUT(LANG="EN") in it the output is still in French:

[1,0]<stdout>:                        -- CODE_ASTER -- VERSION : EXPLOITATION (stable) --                         
[1,0]<stdout>:                               Version 16.3.0 modifiée le 14/12/2022                                
[1,0]<stdout>:                                        révision 8bfef15ec1 - branche 'v16'                         
[1,0]<stdout>:                                   Copyright EDF R&D 1991 - 2023                                    
[1,0]<stdout>:                                      Exécution du : Wed Apr  5 09:34:37 2023                       
[1,0]<stdout>:                                          Nom de la machine : 148a2eeb67a2                          
[1,0]<stdout>:                                                Architecture : 64bit                                
[1,0]<stdout>:                                            Type de processeur : x86_64                             
[1,0]<stdout>:                       Système d'exploitation : Linux-5.15.0-69-generic-x86_64-with-glibc2.29       
[1,0]<stdout>:                                          Langue des messages : en (UTF-8)                          
[1,0]<stdout>:                                     Version de Python : 3.8.10                                     
[1,0]<stdout>:                                                  Version de NumPy : 1.17.4                         
[1,0]<stdout>:                                      Parallélisme MPI : actif                                      
[1,0]<stdout>:                                           Rang du processeur courant : 0                           
[1,0]<stdout>:                                         Nombre de processeurs utilisés : 1                         
[1,0]<stdout>:                                    Parallélisme OpenMP : actif                                     
[1,0]<stdout>:                                          Nombre de processus utilisés : 1                          
[1,0]<stdout>:                               Version de la librairie HDF5 : 1.10.9                                
[1,0]<stdout>:                                Version de la librairie MED : 4.1.1                                 
[1,0]<stdout>:                               Version de la librairie MFront : 3.4.3                               
[1,0]<stdout>:                               Version de la librairie MUMPS : 5.4.1                                
[1,0]<stdout>:                              Version de la librairie PETSc : 3.17.1p0                              
[1,0]<stdout>:                               Version de la librairie SCOTCH : 6.1.2

What step am I missing?

Some additional information:
- running on ubuntu 20.04
- as_run version is 2021.0.0-1

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