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#1 2022-04-15 15:00:06

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Problem in reading CAD Geometry from .step file

Hello Fam,

I have been using Salome in windows for my OpenFOAM simulations for some months now. At this particular point I'm stuck with the problem of how to read my external CAD file properly in Salome. I made my geometry in FreeCAD and later PTC Creo and there has been a constant issue that my circular cavities of a 3D model are read as hexagonal cavities when I import the .step file in Salome. I have tried changing every possible settings in CAD modules and Salome but there hasn't been much improvement.

Looking forward for all the valuable suggestions from the community!!!

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#2 2022-04-15 17:37:56

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Re: Problem in reading CAD Geometry from .step file

Hi Decker,

this forum is mostly for Salome_Meca, so the Salome Platform + Code_Aster. Since your question is purely related to Salome, I think it would be better to ask such question in the (new) Salome forum, see https:// discourse.salome-platform.org/ (delete the space between the protocol and the URL).

Nonetheless, I will answer what I think the problem is. Step files are pure geometry. When you export them, you need to set a resolution so that, for example, curves are modeled with enough precision. Have you exported such geometry with enough definition? Could you open that same .step file in another program that can read them and see if they display the same geometry as Salome? I think Blender can read files, and it is libre software. I am saying this since your step file seems to be rather coarse (see the outer curvature, which is quite blocky)

That would be my guess. However, since you say that you have been using using step files for OpenFoam, I would guess that you know what you are doing... Therefore my second guess is that Salome has a limit on the polygons it displays. For example, there is a cap in the Mesh module that prevents heavy meshes from being rendered as to not wreck the memory/GPU. That would be my second guess. If those two thing are not the problem, please, ask in the Salome forums, since they may be better prepared to answer your question. Also, make sure that you are using an up-to-date version. Salome 9.8.0 was released a couple of months ago.



#3 2023-02-21 19:43:16

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Re: Problem in reading CAD Geometry from .step file

I have the same issue with Salome 9.9.  STEP files exported from Salome & Salome MECA's Shaper & GEOM modes are:
100 % openable with FreeCAD 0.20 ... NOT working with VariCAD   ...   Not working with SolidEdge

I simulated Y-Piece (455 dia @ 200bar) and we need to get it cast.   The foundry uses SolidEdge with Magma (Casting Method Simulator), And they can't open the STEP

I have tried with: ...Salome-MECA 2019   ...   Salome-MECA 2020   ...   Salome 9.9
I will now try salome_meca_2022-12-25_scibian-9.sif


#4 2023-02-22 09:13:33

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Re: Problem in reading CAD Geometry from .step file

Hello benico,

this is probably not helping, but from my experience, Magmasoft is very capable in opening even damaged .step files (it also has auto-healing algorithms). So my advice would be to skip SolidEdge and directly open it in Magmasoft and if needed re-export the file from MS (if you are allowed to send the file via mail, I could quickly check if MS opens it correctly).

From my CAD software point of view, Catia and Siemens NX ARE THE ONLY troublefree software packages that can open almost any .step correctly (SolidWorks comes in second place). EVERY OTHER CAD software I know has more or less trouble with damaged files. And, sorry to say, FreeCAD is just unusable from my point of view, Salome is WAY better than FC.


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#5 2023-02-23 13:04:04

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Re: Problem in reading CAD Geometry from .step file

Decker$ upload the file in parasolid (binary x_b please), I'll convert it and try to help you.