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#1 2022-09-08 19:20:12

From: Slovenija
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Modelling snubber element in 3D


since I am still very new to CA, I wonder if there are any experience at modelling snubbers. Snubbers can be usually represented as 2 node element with damping and stiffness properties in axial direction.
Connecting nodes can be fixed only in translation and/or rotations...

But how to model that if that 2 node element (snubber) is part and connects larger 2 meshes/superstructure, which are let's say rigid but one translates and rotates (large rotations and translations) during transient and snubber supposed to make a rigid link between them except in snubbers axial direction, which is governed with damping and stiffness.

Is there any other way to model that except with solid elements with orthotropic properties?

Thank you for your help.