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#1 2022-06-11 14:45:21

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Usage of UMAT in Singularity Version of Salome_meca

Hello Community,

I'm using Salome-Meca 2021 within the singularity container and so far everything what I need works very well - except from this: I'm not able to call my UMAT subroutine anymore. I always get the message that the subroutine could not be found and I should check the path. In the previous versions of Salome-Meca, it worked perfectly.

I guess, I have to bind the file somehow to the container? However, the path to the file should already be available to singularity.

I don't have any experience with container, so does someone have experience/guide on that? Is there a simple "--bind" command or something that would make my file callable for SM?

Thanks in advance for your help!