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#1 2022-05-11 14:24:02

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LIAISON_DDL / LIAISON_GROUP with complex numbers


I use Code Aster principally to solve vibroacoustic problems.
In this domain, I often would need to enforce relationship between DOF/DDL of the model with complex coefficients (for boundary conditions).

With AFFE_CHAR_MECA/LIAISON_DDL or LIAISON_GROUP, we can enforce relationship between DDL, but only with real coefficients. But me, I would like to enforce something like :    a*DX+b*PRES=0      with a and b complex numbers

Recently, I found a document on code aster library (d5.03.02) which describe the way to develop a new command to enforce boundary conditions with this possibility (relationships with complex numbers) by using the subroutines AFRELA et AFLRCH.
But I don't understand how to do it (I never made Aster development, I'm just a final user). So if someone has already done this job and/or can help me to understand how to do it, I will be very grateful !

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