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#1 2022-03-09 17:54:33

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Installation tutorial / intel openApi with parallel install MUPS&PESTC

Hello Guys

The last couple of weeks i spent some time to install code_aster on my computer (24 Core 128 GB RAM) an was able to do the following:

code_aster version 14.6

1 Step: Simple installation Code_Aster with GNU compiler

2 Step: Parallel mpi (PETSC & MUMPS) installation code_aster with GNU compiler

3 Step: Simple installation code_aster with intel compiler and intal lablas (math library)

Then on the fourth step, I don't find any information on how to compile all the libraries with intel like:

ScaLAPACK (should be also used from the intel library)
and finally of course aster itself

I used the Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit of Intel:

Is there any documentation, tutorial or something which could help me with this task? I was not able to do it by my self.


#2 2022-05-10 14:57:18

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Re: Installation tutorial / intel openApi with parallel install MUPS&PESTC

Hey Dani,

I am also experimenting with code aster installation using intel compiler. Unfortunately I am stuck at step 1. The problem is that setup.py cannot find the compiler libs in the paths, although I did source /opt/intel/oneapi/setvars.sh before running python setup.py. I was wondering if you could share your setup.cfg to compare it to mine. Attached is the one that I used.

All the best,

setup.cfg, Size: 5.43 KiB, Downloads: 5