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#1 2022-01-08 05:12:21

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Fedora35 prerequite packages

I am on Fedora 35 and the setup.py script stops quick after not finding libdl library

Checking for libpthread.so   no
Checking for libpthread.a  no
Checking for libdl.so   no
Checking for libdl.a  no

On Fedora the names of the library are sometimes different from debian/ubuntu
(e.g. boost-python instead of libboost-python-dev or lapack-devel instead of liblapack-dev)
but I think that glibc is the right package after some some googling and I have it installed
Curious is it?
Enclosed are the log messages

setup-fedora-35.tar.gz, Size: 12.36 KiB, Downloads: 201