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#1 2021-10-05 15:12:19

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Location of "mtlp100a.66" (CCT Diagram) salome 2019 for windows

Hello everyone,

I am interested by using code aster for thermo-metallurgical simulations.
I started to read the documentation ( test case : MTLP100 ) . And they are
mentioning a file named "mtlp100a.66" which would ease the seizing of CCT diagrams.

I can't find it in the test case folder in my installation of Salome_Meca 2019 for Windows.
Am i looking at the wrong place or is it something unavailable for Salome_Meca windows ?

(I am sorry if this question seems stupid but my usage of Code Aster has always been for really simple
cases, thus I still have a lot to discover).

Thank you for your help.