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#1 2021-09-20 07:51:35

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Error "Can't save file" and "Erreur à la création du fichier"

The error message dialog box appears saying "Can't Save file" with a number of possible reasons.

This is NOT the problem on windows of needing to turn off the read only flag on the file or the file subdirectory, I tried that and it does not help (see the work around as proof this is not the problem).

This problem occurs immediately after computing more than one mesh.

The work around to save most of the work is to select all but one mesh in the Mesh Module (one by one), right mouse click and select "Clear Mesh Data." Then it allows both 'saving' (after clearing the read-only flags) and 'saving as'

The console window messages follow:

Notae Bene:

The path it is trying to use that begins with "E:\SALOME-9.1.0\..." is not valid: my installation is on the C drive and the files are on a UUID path....

Where did it get that "E" drive from? If I can fix that, perhaps it will solve the problem???
Also, why is it attempting to find Salome-9.1.0 when the modules are supposed to be 9.3.0?

Also note that after the error, the 'Files' directory is created (with an Embedded subdirectory and the data.ajs file), but the *.hdf file is not created.

The console window displays:

        1 file(s) moved.
AsterStudy: Sun-19-23:56:39.917 saving case 1-CurrentCase...
AsterStudy: Mon-20-00:03:17.417 saving case 1-CurrentCase...
AsterStudy: Mon-20-00:04:50.500 saving case 1-CurrentCase...
E:\SALOME-9.1.0\products\tmp\med-4.0.0_SRC\src\ci\MEDfileVersionOpen.c [85] : Erreur à l'ouverture du fichier
E:\SALOME-9.1.0\products\tmp\med-4.0.0_SRC\src\ci\MEDfileVersionOpen.c [85] : C:\dev\apps\Salome-Meca-2019\TMP\271280\_SMESH_Mesh.med
HDF5-DIAG: Error detected in HDF5 (1.10.3) thread 7756:
  #000: E:\SALOME-9.1.0\products\tmp\hdf5-1.10.3_SRC\src\H5F.c line 664 in H5Fclose(): not a file ID
    major: File accessibilty
    minor: Inappropriate type
E:\SALOME-9.1.0\products\tmp\med-4.0.0_SRC\src\ci\MEDfileClose.c [42] : Erreur à la fermeture du fichier
E:\SALOME-9.1.0\products\tmp\med-4.0.0_SRC\src\ci\MEDfileClose.c [42] :
E:\SALOME-9.1.0\products\tmp\med-4.0.0_SRC\src\hdfi\_MEDfileCreate.c [98] : Erreur à la création du fichier
E:\SALOME-9.1.0\products\tmp\med-4.0.0_SRC\src\hdfi\_MEDfileCreate.c [98] : C:\dev\apps\Salome-Meca-2019\TMP\271280\_SMESH_Mesh.med
E:\SALOME-9.1.0\products\tmp\med-4.0.0_SRC\src\ci\MEDfileVersionOpen.c [107] : Erreur à la création du fichier
E:\SALOME-9.1.0\products\tmp\med-4.0.0_SRC\src\ci\MEDfileVersionOpen.c [107] : C:\dev\apps\Salome-Meca-2019\TMP\271280\_SMESH_Mesh.med
th. 0000005E9F6FFBE0 - Trace E:\S-9.3.0\MODULES\SRC\SMESH_SRC\src\DriverMED\DriverMED_W_SMESHDS_Mesh.cxx [1001] : The following exception was caught:
        E:\S-9.3.0\MODULES\SRC\SMESH_SRC\src\MEDWrapper\MED_Wrapper.cxx[106]::TFile - MEDfileVersionOpen('C:\dev\apps\Salome-Meca-2019\TMP\271280\_SMESH_Mesh.med',1',4',0',0)

Platform: Windows 10
Version: Salome-Meca
Version 9.3.0
All Salome Modules are 9.3.0
AsterStudy: 2019.0.1

Thank you for your time.

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