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#1 2021-07-16 21:15:01

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Erreur signalée dans la bibliothèque MED

i am receiving the following error suddenly. The same program was work before 

   ! <S> Exception user raised but not interceptee. !
   ! The bases are fermees.                         !
   ! Type of the exception: error                   !
   !                                                !
   ! Erreur signalée dans la bibliothèque MED       !
   !      nom de l'utilitaire : mmhmii              !
   !              code retour : -1                  !
i am working on 2018 version.

i did some search in the internet and found a similar issue for an older version. in which it said it is due to med library but does not explain how to rectify this issue. Can some one help me

Thanks in advance