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#1 2021-05-03 21:19:43

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Hello everyone,

I am a new user of salome_meca and code_aster. After doing some exercises regarding linear static analysis, I tried to run a nonlinear static simulation. However, an unexpected error occurred when I run the simulation. The error message is:

>> JDC.py: DEBUT CR of execution of JDC in MIXTE
   ! <S> Exception user raised but not interceptee.             !
   ! The bases are fermees.                                     !
   ! Type of the exception: error                               !
   !                                                            !
   ! Le nom demandé existe déjà dans la base &&CALCOP.ACALCULER !
   ! Ce message est un message d'erreur développeur.            !
   ! Contactez le support technique.                            !
fine CR of execution of JDC in MIXTE.

Searching in the web and in this forum I did not find this specific error.
I checked the simulation settings several times, but I have not noticed any important errors for me.
Thank you for the help.
Best regards,

Salome_meca version: 2019.0.3
OS system: Ubuntu 18.04.5