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#1 2021-04-08 18:44:11

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Generation of 0D elements

Dear Community,

I am dealing with a beam model where I would like to add a 0D element for each node in the model.
In order to define different mass values for the different 0D elements I would like to give a separate group for each 0D.
Based on the node number below the 0D, for example. Is there any good way to do that with the GUI or it should be scripted?
There are hundreds of nodes where I need to have 0Ds with different names.


#2 2021-04-11 18:45:23

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Re: Generation of 0D elements

Hi MrSnail,

In order to do it from the UI:
1. In the Salome-meca mesh module, click on Modification -> Add -> 0D Elements on Element Nodes
2. Select the node(s) you want to create 0D elements for, click the checkbox Add to group and name the 0D element group (e.g. mass 1)
3. Now you are able to use these 0D element groups in Aster study

Assuming you have node groups out of which you'd like to create 0D elements:
In the Code_Aster command file you have to write something like this:

    GROUP_NO=('support', ), 
    NOM_GROUP_MA=('mass_1', )

What this is doing is creating POI1 elements (i.e. 0D elements) out of a node group called "support" (defined in the mesh module), and naming this group "mass_1" (just an example).
(This in Aster study is under Mesh -> CREA_MAILLAGE)



#3 2021-05-08 23:54:38

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Re: Generation of 0D elements

Hi Guillermo

Thanks for the answer. This Crea_Poi1 can work with a few Poi1 elements but in my case there are roughly 5-600 nodes where I would like to generate a 0D member separately with the same name as the node. I think this command will have to be a loop then, cant select them one by one.