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#1 2020-12-10 12:05:23

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1D pile/anchor elements for geotechnics based on CABLE_GAINE elements

1D pile/anchors element are very common in geotechnical FEA modeling, especially when large number of piles/anchors have to be simulated. Code_Aster has this very interesting CABLE_GAINE elements that, in my opinion, can be adapted to fill in the gap.

The CABLE_GAINE elements (as per R3.08.10) evaluate the interface behavior on Gauss points of SEG3 elements. This could be consistent with a 1D pile/anchor implementation similar to that of e.g. Plaxis 3D.

Major challenges for such development would include:
- Large diameter piles (with relevant shearing and bending stiffness) should be schematized as POU_D_E or POU_D_T rather than BARRE
- Interface behavior should be implemented based upon JOINT_MECA_FROT structure (which, in our experience, proves great for pile/soil and anchor/soil interface in full-scale 3D modeling)
- Embedment in 3D solids (soil volumes, etc.) should be made possible - among all possible methods - through a LIAISON_MAIL (Massive)-like way, in order to be able to use non conformal mesh elements for embedded pile/anchor element (like in Plaxis, very handy).

Do you think this is feasible?
In case I and my colleagues will be more than happy to do our part and contribute to the implementation process.