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#1 2020-11-16 23:13:13

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Stress due to load temperature.

Hello, dear colleagues! I am a new user and do not know many nuances. I want to set the load in the form of a uniform temperature on the body and see the deformations and stresses arising from this. I used operate
    GROUP_NO=('temp', ),
and Code_Aster get me error.
   ! Erreur utilisateur :                                             !
   !   Vous voulez contraindre le ddl TEMP sur un ensemble de noeuds, !
   !   Mais ce ddl n'existe sur aucun de ces noeuds.                  !
How I understood it mean, what I used  wrong model (meca - 3D)
And I didn't find a reference temperature to set the temperature difference.
In this connection, I had a question: is there a simple way to set the temperature load in the Code_aster like in Ansys (I'm from this environment) or needs to define two related types of analysis: thermal and mechanical, and set a uniform temperature in the thermal analysis.
Thank you for your attention.