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#1 2020-08-07 11:22:12

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Simulation of shot curve of die-casting machine with DYNA-VIBRA


I am trying to simulate the shot curve, that is velocity over displacement, of a die-casting machine. The shot curve is one of most important characteristics of such a machine and is unique for a machine and die-casting tool combination.

Please find an example attached, that I did with DYNA_VIBRA. It is a simple spring-damper-mass-system that is set into motion with an hydraulic impulse (very simple at the moment).

The problem that I have is, that I need a second spring or a 'hard stop' that imitates the 100% full die-casting tool. At this point, high negative acceleration occurs on the piston (much higher than now in the example below). Either way, this should occur at a certain displacement, that should be variable (=set).

What is the best way to achieve this? I tried to add a second spring in series but I did not succeed. I am not allowed to do any LIAISON between the end node of spring 1 and the first node of spring 2 (spring meaning 'spring and damper'). In the example, you will see, that I set a negligible constant for the spring.

Can anyone please elaborate on this? I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you in advance,


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