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#1 2019-03-27 17:37:30

Rhydian Lewis
Registered: 2019-03-27
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Max/Min Size issue while meshing with NetGen


When creating a mesh using NetGen I find that length of the edges of volumes and faces are larger than what I specified in the Max/Min Size field of the hypothesis.

For example on a 100x100 plate, creating a mesh by setting the Max size = 10 and the Min size = 5 in the NetGen 2D hypothesis (and a 1D wire discretisation with local length = 10), however some of the elements near the centre of the plate have edges which are longer than 10 (some elements even have each side of the triangle longer than 10).

Am I misunderstanding what the Max/Min size input does for the mesh or is this some other issue?

I am using Salome-Meca 2018.

Many thanks