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#1 2017-06-28 09:08:59

From: Brno, Czech Republic
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SDNV110 Rotordynamics


I am starting with rotor dynamics and I have started with test cases. In past I have been using ANSYS so first I have checked ANSYS Verification manual, where is example VM247 which is comparable with Code-Aster example SDNV110. Unfortunately C-A example is done using volume elements and Ansys is done using beam elements. I have been trying to compute analysis using beam elements in C-A but I am having some problems with results.

I am getting some warning during computation and I do not know their meaning and then I am getting too high frequencies and wrong shape of curves in Campbell diagram.

Whirl speeed for slope = 1 (from ANSYS manual):
Mode 1: 15470 RPM
Mode 2: 17159 RPM
Mode 3: 46612 RPM
Mode 4: 49983 RPM

I am enclosing necessary files for analysis run if somebody will be willing to help. Thank you.


VM247.zip, Size: 7.24 KiB, Downloads: 215