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#1 2015-09-29 16:48:56

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control method to test correct code-aster parallel run


a Modell, DYNA_NON_LINE + contact.., with code-aster parallel runs a long time. Under ./flasheur I look every day for NEWTON, RESID, RESI_GLOB_RELA... Now are the file a long time without new lines. Under .astkrc the Job looks likes normal  ..RUN_, returnns 0 Job Status is run.

Give it a different Methode to test for correct solver run?

Thanks Markus

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#2 2015-10-23 00:08:28

Thomas DE SOZA
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Re: control method to test correct code-aster parallel run


Without files, it's impossible to say anything. It's very likely you're using a contact algorithm (discrete formulation with a direct active set algorithm such as CONTRAINTE) which does not support a high number of contact pairs and will take forever to solve (plus it's not parallel at all).

Use the continuum-based formulation (CONTINUE).