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#1 2012-11-08 14:02:28

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Hello everybody, my name is Bruno Picasso, and I am a retired Professor of Applied Mechanics at  the University of Cagliari, Italy. My research interests were mainly on robotics, stress analysis and biomechanics. I have recently published a book titled " Fondamenti di Meccanica e Biomeccanica " edited by Springer. During my Academic life I've always used commercial packages, mainly Ansys, with some degree of discomfort in the educational activity, because I realised that the students tend to become real experts in what I call "clickosofy", ignoring sometimes the fundamentals of the FEM theory, approximation,  discretization etc. Now I work as a consultant and I am pretty much oriented on Open Source Software, such as Octave, a good alternative to Matlab, and Salome-Aster-Elmer for Fem analysis. For this last environnement I am trying to solve some installation problem which a I will explain in some detail in a further message.

Thank you

Bruno Picasso


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Re: Presentation

Oh, I really like the term 'clickosofy' ...! I will use it for my ansys using collegues ;-)

"the document you have requested to translate is already in English"