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#1 2022-09-23 10:32:27

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Stress output from STAT_NON_LINE using COQUE_3D elements

I am doing a static non-linear analysis using 3D shell elements.

Everything seems to work fine except that I have to, and can not, get the stress output ( SIEQ_NEOU) up to the time step just before non-convergence.

I am using the same commands that work well with MECA_STATIQUE, but despite my best efforts on the documentation, I can not get the output I need.

I attach the relevant part of the command file. I will appreciate if someone can tell me where I miss it.

PS. I am trying getting the output I need by rerunning the analysis up to the time step just before failure. Sure there must be a more elegant way to get the output?

Problem_Comm.txt, Size: 3.56 KiB, Downloads: 45