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#1 2022-06-11 09:57:56

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If you can see this question, would you like to give me some suggestio

I am a beginner. I have just come into contact with this software due to my research project. At present, we want to study the contact friction between nonlinear hyperelastic objects. There are no problems with mesh, material definition and force definition.
But I want to know how to define the contact surface, nonlinear structure analysis, and motion settings, which can be shown as in the connected video? Can you tell me what places need to be set up? If you can see this problem, I really hope you can help me.
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#2 2022-06-13 09:47:16

jonas loenartz
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Re: If you can see this question, would you like to give me some suggestio


I can recommend to you Jean-Pierre Aubry's great book on getting started with code_aster.
You can get it from this source https:__//archives.framabook.org/beginning-with-code_aster/ (remove __)
It contains a working example for non-linear calculations with friction-contact and is overall a great way to get to know code_aster.

If you need further informations you should read up on the documentation, for example

[U2.04.04] Instructions for use of contact

and of course the documentation of the individual Aster-Operators.

Hope this helps,