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#1 2022-04-22 15:02:01

Duc Vu
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how to stop interpolate VARI_INTERNE

Hi all,

I'm developing a new material behavior for fiber concrete. It is a continuous model based on "smeared crack concept".
I have an internal variable that indicates the crack status of each element: opening, sliding, closing, ... and tells what kind of equation should be solved in the next step.
This variable should be constant if the crack status is unchanged. As you will see in the file logcrackH200 attached below, the variable V54 should be 1.0 while V27 remains 0.0 and change to 2.0 when V27 is not equal to 0.0.
The test with SIMU_POINT_MAT gives a good convergence, however, when I test with a mesh of 10 elements HEXA8, it seems like the variable V54 is interpolated from Gauss point, I've doubted that might be the reason for the divergence when the displacement becomes larger
I've tried to recompute this variable inside the law but it does not give better convergence.

Does anyone know how to tell CA to not interpolated an internal variable? If not, does anybody has a better solution for my problem?


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