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#1 2022-01-17 08:34:40

jonas loenartz
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ASTK --> files relative path problem in SM_2021_mpi

Hello everyone,

I encountered the following "problem" with ASTK (MPI-version of Salome Meca 2021, Singularity Container) :

The files in ASTK seem to always be defined by their absolute path.

Lets say I choose for base path


and define my .comm-file as relative to said directory:


When I now change the base path to


the path of my command-file changes to


So it basically has not changed the absolute path of the file, which makes the point of a base path obsolete.
In ASTK shipped with Salome Meca 2020 I was able to switch between base paths, and the relative filenames stayed the way they were. Is there something in the settings I have overlooked? Or it supposed to be this way? Has it something to do with container rights?

Thanks in advance,

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